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Customer Testimonials

I want to thank you for a terrific job you did bringing that tape (EIAJ video reel) back from the dead. I never thought I would see it again. I have a number of other tapes also shot in the late 70s that I might send if I can sort things out. Again, thanks for a great job.

David Allan ( Topanga, California )
Nov 23 2012

I received the DVDs today and haven't stopped laughing since. You did a fantastic job and we'll be having a grand laugh for ourselves at our 44th year grammar school reunion! Thanks again!

Julie Jaso ( Portland, Oregon )
Nov 23 2012

Thanks for converting my 23 years old PAL VHS from my marriage to NTSC DVDs. I didn't expect the quality to be so good but you guys did an exceptional job. The clarity and sound quality is superb. My kids loved it and it brought back lot of lovely memories. I would highly rate and recommend your services.


Narendra Sharma ( Jacksonville, Florida )
Oct 08 2012

Thanks for your work. I had not seen those u-matic videotapes since 1980 something, so it was nice to be able to view them again. Boy, taping and editing was sure rough in those days! And low light cameras were not what they are now. I'll have some fun putting together a video from the files you made for me.

Ward Hartenstein ( Rochester, New York )
Sep 22 2012

Just wanted to let you know I received my dvd's and tapes yesterday. Got to look at a couple and am very satisfied with your work. Thanks for saving my memories.

Joann Haerr ( Oxford, Wisconsin )
Sep 21 2012

I have received my DVD and it is great. Thanks for your good work.

Wanda Eidson ( Goddard, Connecticut )
Jun 11 2012

I just wanted to let you know that I received the DVD and the tape back in perfect condition. They arrived exactly on the date specified. Thank you for the wonderful job you did with the conversion. I have not been able to view the contents of that U-Matic tape for almost 30 years and the DVD looks like it could have been done just yesterday.

Bob Antunes ( Columbia, South Carolina )
May 01 2012

Thanks so much for your work converting my videos to NTSC and then putting them to DVD. You did an excellent job - I haven't been able to watch them for almost 19 years and it brought back memories. Thanks very much!

Dawna Warren ( Normal, Illinois )
May 01 2012

Received the package today DVD played fine and also imported well. ***** 5 star review. Pleasure doing business with you, THANK YOU.

Raymond Hayward ( Shirley, New York )
Apr 18 2012

Thank you for the brilliant job you did converting my twenty year old tapes into beautiful digital videos. This weekend, we have been enjoying videos of my son that we have not viewed for over twenty years! You are truly an artist at what you do. The clarity of the picture and the sound quality is superb on each of the digital files.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the best!

Cynthia Green ( Baltimore, Maryland )
Apr 09 2012

I received the NTSC transferred DVD which I am very pleased with. Its a brilliant transfer and I will highly recommend HD Media Services to anyone who inquires. Thank you for a job well done and the presentation of your product is also superb.

Luis DeQuesada ( Jamaica, New York )
Apr 09 2012

Received my tapes and DVDs and I am very satisfied with the job you did. I will recommend you to others if the need arises. Thank you again,

Lee Herzer ( Berlin, New Jersey )
Apr 05 2012

I received the DVD's and am so pleased - I'm so glad I found you. You run a GREAT business! Thank you so much.

Tamara Prentiss ( Norton, Ohio )
Mar 08 2012

We're very happy with the DVD you produced from the broken VHS tape we sent you. We have another broken video tape that we will put in the mail in a few days for you to perform your magic again. Thanks again for your extra effort.

Russ McDonald ( Cathedral City, California )
Mar 05 2012

Thank you for the DVDs. I really appreciate your work, you saved my memories from my trip.

Marzieh Tarassod ( Nashville, Tennessee )
Mar 05 2012

Just wanted to give you feedback on the DVD we received! It was awesome, it was seriously a great experience getting to see the video with my family, brought back lots of lovely memories!!

Thank you!
From a very pleased customer,

Navil Barahona ( Ontario, California )
Mar 03 2012

I have received the DVD and I am very satisfied!! Good job!

Swinder Dhillon ( Rochester, Minnesota )
Feb 06 2012

Everything arrived and is looking good! I appreciate the tracking info and using UPS so it could be left in my mailbox for me.

Thank you very much for your services.

Dana B. ( Fresno, California )
Feb 02 2012

You guys rock!!! Two other labs I sent these (PAL MicroMV tapes) to could not figure out how to make the conversion.


Alex Martin ( Princeton, New Jersey )
Jan 06 2012

Thank you for getting the tapes done for me. They were a hit at Christmas. I hope you have a Happy New Year and wish you continued success!

Dena Maguire ( Foster City, California )
Jan 01 2012

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on those old 8mm movie reels.

Thanks very much.

Katherine Dolan ( Lopez Island, Washington )
Dec 27 2011

Got the package & saw the dvd. AWESOME work!! Thanks so much!!!

Darrell Perry ( New York, New York )
Dec 02 2011

I just received my completed order in the mail today. It arrived quickly, and the picture was great! Thank you so much! I knew you guys were amazing, but the results were even better than I expected!

Faye O'Reilly ( Turin, Iowa )
Oct 29 2011

Got this today and it's just great! It's amazing that a VHS almost 30 years old - looks that good. I'm very happy with the product and the service.

All the best--

Lonnie Reeves ( Mirissa, Illinois )
Oct 21 2011

I just received a delivery with my hard drive. I stopped what I was doing to watch it. I’ve been laughing for half an hour. Thanks for the nice job.

Joe Ratay ( Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania )
Oct 20 2011

I wanted to thank you for the prompt service on my film transferal. I viewed the footage last night and I am very pleased with the results. HD Media does business in such a refreshing, straight-forward way! I've dealt with other services before where I was never quite sure exactly what I was getting or when I might be getting it. So HD Media has been a breath of fresh air. I will be sending along a lot more footage for transfer in the upcoming month. Thanks again for the excellent work.

Steve Saraceno / Pistachio Pictures ( Ashland, Massachusetts )
Sep 23 2011

Package received! Every thing looks great so far... will definitely be recommending you!

Grateful for your service and great prices!

Vonabell Sherman ( Home Shopping Network )
Sep 14 2011

As you know we have received the package. We have had time to watch the DVDs and are very pleased with the quality of your work. Also thank you very much for packaging the copy DVDs in the same order as the original ones. That might seem like a small thing, but it makes it much easier for us to identify what is on each DVD.


Lewis Goff ( Albany, Georgia )
Sep 14 2011

The editing was perfect. Thank you so much. NOW I can enjoy the videos of my kids childhood! Thank you again!

Linda A. ( Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania )
Sep 02 2011

I just wanted to let you know, that the DVD's, that you did, are just great. I was amazed at the color, and the sharpness of them. I will be sending you some more projects to do in the near future.
Thanks Again

Paul Reynolds ( Mentor, Ohio )
Aug 12 2011

We received our DVD's and are very happy with them. Thanks!

LuAnn Milner ( Detroit Lakes, Minnesota )
Aug 02 2011

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job transferring my Betamax video to DVD! I am so pleased - I recommended you to all my friends! :-)

Rachel Wesley ( Portville, New York )
Jul 16 2011

Great job on this! Couldn't be happier with your work. Next time I need this type of thing done again, I know who to go to. Thanks very much!

Scott Bickell ( Highlands Ranch, Colorado )
Jul 08 2011

I needed my short films transferred to DVD. I went in search of a business that would do this. I quickly ran into trouble when I told them that two of the films were on DigiBeta, (one of them exclusively), apparently this is a format not many businesses can transfer… Thankfully I found HD Media Services and they transferred both DigiBetas, (they have the widest transfer capability I have ever seen). I ordered the DVD Authoring Package and got all 5 films transferred with a custom menu, plus a few short “Special Features”. To top it off, I got 20 very handsome copies. All of the transfers looked wonderful. I was expecting good results from the professional-quality masters, what surprised me the most was the quality of the battered VHS of one my very early television interviews. I think the tape was old at the time of the recording and that was 1996, (and that was a ’best of’ rerun, my other copies were from the original broadcast almost 5 years earlier…) Here are some other cool things: 5% of your order goes to a charity of your choice. If you live locally, you get to see the nice office in the Hollywood District, (other transfer businesses are run out of homes.) I cannot thank HD Media Services enough for preserving what is essentially my life’s work. If your search has led you here, look no further.

Kris H. ( Portland, Oregon )
Jun 21 2011

I just got 21 8mm tapes transfered from HD Media Services, and I wanted to take a minute and tell you thanks. The service was fast and all the DVD's came back with a way better video picture and sound then when I sent them to you. Thanks again for the great service!

John Butler ( Frisco, Texas )
May 12 2011

I wish to thank you for an excellent job on my Hi8 to DVD transfer. My European jaunt of 2001 is precious to me; even though I went back to some of those cities last September, I don't know when I'll next be able to afford to see Italy or Switzerland again, so KUDOS for saving my memories! Also the documentaries (well, the Euro Trip is sort of documentary as well), as I plan to edit those and send them to a couple of film festivals in a few months. MERCI BEAUCOUP, and feel free to post my gratitude on your site. Ciao!

Carmen Smith ( Winston Salem, North Carolina )
May 08 2011

Very nice work on the transfers. Thanks a lot. It was well worth the wait.
I'll be a repeat customer.

Marcus Wernig ( Sun Valley, California )
May 02 2011

Hi, Michael--
Hey, just wanted to let you know the disc and my original tape arrived safely and securely. I was very impressed with the printing on the DVD! Nice touch. I watched them on both my Mac and my home DVD player and the quality and color look great!
...thanks again...

Mike Pascale ( Modesto, California )
Apr 11 2011

Hi! I wanted to thank you for the quality service and transaction!
I will recommend your services to others and certainly use your services in the future.
The DVD's are great! Thanks again!

Tamera van Berkel ( Gilbert, Arizona )
Apr 11 2011

I just watched the DVD that you have transferred from PAL Video Tape.

It was a great job, thank you!

Pey Schuan ( Crofton, Maryland )
Apr 01 2011

Great job transferring my old 1 inch video!
I never thought I'd see it looking that good again!

Mike Legge - Sideshow Cinema ( Mendon, Massachusetts )
Mar 07 2011

The DVD turned out great!
Thanks for your service.

Jack Rasmussen ( Greenbank, Washington )
Mar 04 2011

Michael, thank you for converting the video’s for us.
We are very happy with the quality of your work.

Mark Tait ( Winterville, North Carolina )
Feb 19 2011

WOW ! Thank you so very much for restoring and copying my VCR tapes that I thought was a lost cause! I want to thank you and your company for a job well done. The quality of the video's was excellent and I couldn't be happier! I would highly recommend HD Media Services to anyone!

Thank You and best regards,

Ed Mandracia ( San Diego, California )
Feb 19 2011

I wanted to thank you so much for getting my DVD's done! This is the second time we have used you and have been very satisfied. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Betty Cambra ( Antioch, California )
Dec 21 2010

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!! The DVD's are fantastic!!!! :)
It has been fabulous being able to go down memory lane. I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Thanks again and have a great Holiday season.

Lynn Lees ( Leesburg, Virginia )
Dec 13 2010

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the service you provided. I've always wanted to convert my 24 odd tapes to DVD. I even went out to buy a conversion kit. That was five years ago. But when I realized how much time and effort it would take to do the conversions, I procrastinated. When I saw Costco offering such a service about two years ago I thought about using them but their pricing seemed prohibited. Finally this past November I made up my mind and began doing some research on the web. Then I found you. Last night I randomly selected one of the 21 tapes you were able to convert to DVD for my family to view. The tape just happened to be my daughter's preschool graduation complete with cap and gown. That was twelve years ago. My daughter is a high school senior this year and what's truly amazing about this tape is that because we live in a small town on a tiny island in Hawaii many of those preschool graduates will also be graduating high school along with my daughter in 2011. It was great seeing this video again for the first time. The tape to DVDs conversions were expertly done and the video and sound quality are amazing. Your professionalism, prompt service, and pricing are second to none. I am extremely happy with your service and I would (and will) tell anyone about your company.

Thank you,

Warren Niimi ( Lanai City, Hawaii )
Dec 10 2010

Many thanks on this great job!
I received the package yesterday and saw the videos today
and I'm really pleased (So many memories).

Johannes Terrazzani ( New York, New York )
Dec 08 2010

Great job on the conversions of our tapes.
They were a huge hit over the holiday!

Many Thanks,

Stephen Smith ( Morrisville, North Carolina )
Nov 28 2010

I just looked at the BluRay disc and you did a great job.
Your recommendations were spot-on, image and sound quality
are superb, and the packaging is exactly right.

Scott Morris Productions ( Chatham, New Jersey )
Oct 11 2010

Hello Michael,
I have received your Blu-Ray discs and, as usual, your work is stellar!

Bob Griffin ( Valencia, California )
Aug 28 2010

Hi, i got everything back and it was perfect. Thanks!!

Larry Dix ( Los Angeles, California )
Aug 28 2010

We are really happy with the quality - even the ones from 20+ years ago. Thanks for being so speedy too. We appreciate your services and are glad we went with you!

Lauren Constantino ( Annapolis, Maryland )
Aug 18 2010

Hi Michael,
I thought I would let you know that you did a good job on all of the transfers.
I was pleased with your work.
Thanks again

Mike Collins ( Reno, Nevada )
Aug 10 2010

I wanted to let you know that the two pieces I was looking for on the 3/4 tape were indeed there. Thank you very much for your help on this... and I have already referred you to someone today.

Rob Vandenbergh of News10 NBC ( Rochester, New York )
Aug 05 2010

I got the package today and would like to thank you for the excellent service.
Hope to do more business in the future.

Thomas Tan of Seal Labs ( El Segundo, California )
Aug 05 2010

Thank you again so much! I can't believe that you made such a good capture from a 13+ year old video that was of questionable quality when it was made! I think it didn't look that good when we first recorded it, and the edit was PERFECT! You are awesome! I am recommending your services to anyone who will listen. Thank you again!

Marli King ( San Jose, California )
Jul 29 2010

We needed our HDV footage converted to MPEG-4 files ASAP and HD Media Services was awesome. Not only did they finish the whole project the same day, but they made the files available to us that evening using their web-based FTP. It was easy, fast, affordable and the quality was better than
what we could do in-house. You guys are a life saver! Thanks again!!!

Michael Gearson, III ( Atlanta, Georgia )
Jul 29 2010

I received the dvd's the other day, great job, I will refer you to all my friends, Thank You very much.

Nick Lacheta ( Burbank, California )
Jul 24 2010

I just got my package from you and I am extremely pleased! I had a PAL tape converted to DVD's. Looks fantastic and the packaging is wonderful. Great job! I will recommend you to friends and definitely be a repeat customer.

Mike Meacham ( Franklin, TN )
Jul 17 2010

Thank you again, all went so well. She loved the tapes and it was a huge success. Thank you again for all you did to make it happen. God bless you.

Rev. Perry ( San Francisco, CA )
Jun 15 2010

Just wanted to thank you for processing so quickly. My 84 year old Mother-in Law was here for Mother's Day and so enjoyed watching some of the old family video's. So far the quality has been good on the one's we have watched as well.
Thanks again,
Cynthia Patrick

Cynthia Patrick ( Anaheim, CA )
May 16 2010

Received my converted Beta Tapes to DVD's yesterday and I must commend you and your Team. Fantastic job. I plan on gathering my VHS format Video's and sending them to you for conversion to DVD's. Again, I just wanted you to know my wife and I are very pleased with the results.
You and your Team did a Fantastic Job! Thank You... a very satisfied Customer. Carl

Carl Cramer ( Rome, New York )
Apr 22 2010

My family has been carrying around two 8mm reels from our trip across the U.S. on Route 66 in 1959 for years and years. My father is slowly losing his mind and he's the only one who knows how to run the old projector. I lacked the patience to learn how but I wanted to show the films again before my dad lost it altogether. HD Media Services did an absolutely superlative job of making a DVD out of it for a very reasonable price. They also did a beautiful job with cover art and the presentation. It's like watching a commercial movie.
Thanks, Michael and Co. We'll be back for more!

Caroline Taylor ( Portland, OR )
Apr 07 2010

Michael, I just wanted to give to you and your team a sincere and heartfelt thanks on the excellent job that was done on my project! I received my original tape along with the DVD copy yesterday. I must say, I was really blown away with the exceptional work and quality that was put into the project. The DVD is a copy of a tape that I own for close to 25 years (although the tape is still viewable I took really good care of it). I tried another company before I found HD Media Services. Let's just say I was really disappointed in what I got back in return. I am so happy I found you guys!! Keep up the good work! I am in the process of sending over another project. Thanks again!! :O)

Jasmine Roman ( Brooklyn, NY )
Apr 01 2010

Came today! Thanks so much! Everything looks great.

I blogged about it:

Maybe It'll send some more business your way.

Helena Jole ( Tacoma, WA )
Mar 24 2010

Great job on our videos. Thanks!

Eric Steele ( Highlands Ranch, CO )
Mar 08 2010

Got the package. Great work! Thanks!

Chirs Lilley ( Charlottesville, VA )
Mar 02 2010

Hi HD Media -- I just received the Blu-Ray discs and copies. Let me say I am soo impressed with the quality. You guys did an incredible job. Thanks for restoring all of those memories from my film reels. I thought they were lost forever.

Scott Johanson ( Palo Alto, CA )
Mar 01 2010

I received my transfers this morning. Great job!!

Dottie McMichael ( Columbus, GA )
Feb 28 2010

The box arrived today. The DVDs are great!
Thanks for bringing the memories back.
Thank you so much!

Dean Kurtis ( Rosemont, IL )
Feb 10 2010

HD Media Services,
As always, a great editing job on my Blu-Ray disc.
You guys do good work!

Charles Fleming ( Hawaii )
Feb 06 2010

Hi Michael,
My package arrived. The DVD is great. I am very happy with it.
Thanks for everything!

Nancy ( Wheaton, MD )
Feb 01 2010

I received the new disk and they're great! Thank you for your wonderful customer service and I would gladly recommend you to anyone and everyone!! Great customer service like yours is extremely hard to find!

Ed ( Kearney, MO )
Jan 20 2010

Thank you for the service. The DVD looks better than expected!

Bob ( Graham, WA )
Jan 20 2010

I receive the completed transfer and was amazed. You did a fantastic job. I will recommend HD Media Services to my clients and students. Thank you for a job well done.

Angie Cohn ( New York, NY )
Jan 15 2010

Hey Michael -- received everything - thanks again!
The Authoring looks fantastic and the Blu-Ray discs look awesome!
Nice work - I appreciate all you did for our project, everyone was impressed!

Thanks again and talk to ya soon...

John / The Band ( California )
Jan 04 2010

I just wanted to tell you that my family and I were really impressed with the quality of the DVDs that we received. I got them on Christmas Eve morning and gave them to my Dad as a gift that evening. It made our Christmas very special and I wanted to tell you thanks! We will be sending more 8mm film in the near future.

Paul ( Lenore, West Virginia )
Dec 28 2009

We received the package yesterday and are very pleased. Thank you very much! I'll spread the word about your services and be sending you some more tapes in the future.

Bonnie and Gregg ( Barnesville, GA )
Nov 04 2009

Thanks so much for handling my project! I could not believe how the cover looked and everything I had requested was accomplished in the DVD content. I will highly recommend your work and really appreciate your efforts. Have a great fall.

Amy ( Cabot, PA )
Oct 04 2009

I received the package a few days ago. The quality of the transferred AVI files is so much better than what I got from the S-VHS tapes. Thank you very much for your excellent service. Your company is the best in video conversion services.

Eric ( San Jose, CA )
Sep 18 2009

I received the DVDs and hard drive. Thanks so much for your help on this project. Everything turned out fantastic! I'll be in touch in a couple of years when I've built up more tapes. In the meantime, I'll recommend your company to anyone looking for your services.

Jay / Drive Savers ( Palo Alto, CA )
Sep 12 2009

The Blu-Ray discs arrived and they look great! I very much like how you have set them up with the menu, etc... very creative, slick and professional! I will begin putting my next batch together and I will let you know before they ship. Thanks again, you did a great job, they look great!

Eddie Woodward / Florida State University ( Tallahassee, FL )
Jun 08 2009

This has been a perfect experience. I was in a jam and when all else failed, I got a call from HD Media Services. You were truly a blessing in disguise. Great job, amazing price and super fast service.

Thank you all, you will always have my business.

Steve Rahaman / Falling Leaves Films ( Los Angeles, CA )
Mar 12 2009

Easy ordering. Awesome price. Quick turn-around time. Fantastic quality. You'll be seeing an order form me again in the future. Thank you for the superb service :-)

Sharlotte ( Austin, TX )
Feb 23 2009

I just got the videos today and for videos that are almost twenty years old, you guys did a really great job. Thanks!!

Craig Futura ( Atlanta, GA )
Feb 21 2009

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the great work! The videos came out marvelously -- you made me look good! The next time something like that comes up, you'll be the first ones I call.

Heidi ( Montgomery, AL )
Feb 17 2009

I just got the DVDs. What a totally fabulous job!!! It was kind of funny to get such a large piece of my life delivered in such a tiny box. Says alot about life in general. Brilliant! Thanks! More later.

Arnie ( Iowa )
Jan 05 2009

The package arrived in time! Thank you! Just wanted to let you know that my daughters (they are 20 and 21) were up until 4am watching these movies on Christmas night, and I think they have watched movies every day since then. I just wanted to say again how much I appreciated the great service and awesome product. I will pass on the good word who has interest... Happy New Year!

Linda ( New Jersey )
Dec 31 2008

We watched the movies last night and thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks for getting them here in time for Christmas.

I have another 10 years worth to do and will send them along next year. Thanks again!

Cheryl Woodward ( Nevada )
Dec 28 2008

Thank you so much for reformatting our VHS-C memories on to DVDs. The finished project exceeded all expectations and I recently recommend you to a few friends that are looking to do the same.

Doug ( Indiana )
Dec 10 2008

First let me say, WOW! The opening scene and the music were awesome! I was so happy when I saw what you did. Thank you!

For anyone that has questions about the quality of your work, please pass along my comments. It's my first time and first impression doing business with HD Media Services. I watched the opening of the show and you added sound, graphics and scenes that made it look first class. The DVD covers were letter perfect, great colors and lettering. I am very, very pleased and happy with the work. I can't wait till a few hours from now when I will give it to my friends and others. For the money I spend, you did an exceptional job. I take my hat off to you! Once again, THANK YOU for a brilliant job!

Michael Lachance ( David City, NE )
Nov 14 2008

I have been meaning to email you to let you know what a fantastic job you did resurrecting some old family memories. I searched for a long time on the web to find a service that was reliable, cost efficient and technically capable until I found HD Media Services. I needed Hi8 PAL (European version) format tapes converted into MPEG4 files so I could edit them on my Mac. Not only did you manage to complete the job to perfection, but your timely completion and responses were terrific. There was absolutely no problems pulling them into my iMovie software and start editing. I will be recommending you to all my friends. Thanks a million!

Colun and Laura ( California )
Nov 13 2008

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